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A comment system for static websites using Github Discussions

Easily add comments to your static website with giscus and GitHub Discussions!

A Pint of API

Understand the fundamentals of APIs with this adaptation of a talk I gave fully in-editor with Visual Studio Code.

How to build Aseprite from source in Ubuntu

Aseprite is an amazing pixel art software and its source code is open. This is how you can build and test it, or help with its development.

Data visualization principles

Conveying meaning through data visualization is not an easy task. Here is how you might get started.

Data Analysis eXpressions query language

The first part of an overview of the DAX language for data analysis.

How I got started with Linux

An overview of my Linux development setup.

An introduction to Power BI for data scientists

Power BI is a great free tool that can be used to quickly prototype visualizations for exploratory data analysis.

Master of Visual Studio Code

Master Visual Studio Code with these tips

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